Water: Drink, Think, Save the Sink

Australia is a country of droughts and flooding plains and as such water is a critical resource. In this theme, students are encouraged to consider how they utilise water in their immediate school community and how the wider community can do more to conserve this precious resource. Students and teachers are encouraged to consider better water catchment and use systems such as stormwater tanks, grey water usage and/or grounds maintenance. 

The Queensland Government has educational resources for students in year 2 through 7 with links to the Australian Curriculum.

Water Corporation of WA offers teaching resources including primary and high school lesson plans with links to the Australian Curriculum.

CSIRO’s Water teaching resource outlines activities to engage high school students in the study of water issues in Australia.

The Water Project provides students with a valuable insight into the importance of water around the globe. Teaching tools include water experiments for all year levels and interactive games and activities.

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