Eco-Schools Environmental and Social Review Template

What is an Environmental and Social Review?

The Environmental and Social Review is an important tool that will assist you in understanding the ecological and social impact your school community has on the local environment. This checklist may be of assistance to your Eco-Committee to help you quantify the school’s impact in terms of the seven Eco-Schools themes:

  • Biodiversity: Habitats & Homes
  • Energy & Climate: Super Smart Power
  • Fair Go: Global Citizens for Social Justice
  • Lifestyles: Healthy and Active
  • Litter & Waste: The Cycle of Stuff
  • Waste and Waterways: Developing our Next Generation of Waterway Keepers
  • Water: Think, Drink, Save the Sink

Important: The results of your Environmental and Social Review will inform your Action Plan, e.g. if you score poorly in one area, you should choose to address it in your Action Plan.


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