2020 Litter Legends Campaign Expression of Interest


  • To raise awareness of the effect of litter and waste on the local environment and wider community by implementing Community Action Days
  • To increase student knowledge and practical skills in preventing and managing litter and waste
  • To improve students’ behaviour in preventing and managing litter and waste
  • To promote and improve the schools’ waste management treatment
  • To create good examples by uploading pictures and descriptions on the website
  • To collaborate with other schools in order to disseminate good examples


Participants of the Litter Less Campaign investigate a local litter issue, for example the effect on local wildlife or human health, packaging most often discarded by people, etc.

The schools implement the Litter Less Campaign, which aims to reduce litter and affect long-term behaviour change through implementing a waste management system, involving the whole school. Each school also implements one Community Action Day, involving parents, local stakeholders and Wrigley associates.

In the Litter Less Campaign for the Eco-Schools programme, participating schools will implement the Campaign through the Seven Step process.

The campaign targets the behaviour, knowledge and opinion leadership of students. It aims for a 5-10% improvement.


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