Eco-Schools is a proven schools-based sustainability education framework operating in 80 countries globally and developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) based in Denmark.  Eco-Schools is a curriculum linked, democratic and participatory program that provides an excellent opportunity for students to experience active citizenship in their schools.  Both schools and the wider community benefit from this program.

1. Form an Eco-Committee

2. Complete an Environmental Review

3. Write an Action Plan

4. Monitor & Evaluate

5. Curriculum Work

6. Inform and Involve

7. Eco-Code

Eco-Schools follow the 7 Steps above to investigate and take action on one or more of the Eco-Schools themes:

Biodiversity: Habitats and Homes

Energy & Climate: Super Smart Power

Fair Go: Global Citizens for Social Justice

Lifestyles: Healthy and Active 

Litter & Waste: The Lifecycle of Stuff

Waste and Waterways: Developing our Next Generation of Waterway Keepers

Water: Drink, Think, Save the Sink

Eco-Schools Framework VIDEO Thank you to WWF Eco-Schools Malaysia for supplying this great animated overview of Eco-Schools.

Schools which complete their action plan addressing all 7 Steps can achieve a Bronze, Silver or Green Flag Award!







Getting Started

Schools register online at any time of year, then take manageable steps towards establishing the tried-and-tested Eco-Schools framework.



For only $100 + gst per annum school can take part in this program.

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