Lifestyles: Healthy & Active

Healthy students and teachers are changemakers! This theme recognises the importance of encouraging healthy and happy habits for students and teachers, from undertaking awareness campaigns around mental and physical health right through to providing means for students to ride or walk to school with bike sharing and/or safe walkways and also motorised modes of transport which are more eco-friendly.

Check out the NSW Healthy Kids website for ideas about how you can incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into your school day including healthy canteen ideas and how to implement  ‘Crunch & Sip’.

The Nude Food Day resources support healthy eating, including a healthy recipe booklet, and the elimination of food packaging.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines can be found here.

Walk Safely to School Day has a teaching resource to provide some educational activities that get Australian children talking about walking.

Outdoor Classroom Day has resources to get students outside and learning in the great outdoors, including outdoor lesson plans and suggestions to get other involved.

Please contact to tell us your ideas for how Eco-Schools in Australia can tackle the theme of “Lifestyles”.

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