Carry out an Eco-Review

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Your Eco-Committee now has it’s first task- to complete and Eco-Review of your school! This will guide your choice of Themes.

It is important to have an understanding of your schools current environmental impact. What are you doing well, and where could you do better?

Eco-Schools making award applications must show that the school’s chosen themes – 1 theme for Bronze, 2 themes for Silver and 3+ themes for Green Flag – have been reviewed in depth and that the results of the review have informed the Eco-Schools Action Plan.

An Eco-Snapshot should be carried out every year at the beginning of the program, while the Baseline Survey twice a year, at the beginning and at the end of the program, to measure and evaluate the continuing progress of the school’s environmental performance.
This is a very effective way of evaluating your targets and comparing your new responses with those that you originally made which will give you a clear indication of the school’s overall progress towards its eco targets and will help you to plan future eco work.