Energy & Climate: Super Smart Power

How are we going to power the future? All school communities use resources that can positively or negatively impact the environment and the climate. In regards to energy, there are several smart steps that schools can take to minimise their environmental footprint from installing energy saving light bulbs through to having solar panels on school roofs to generate their own energy supply. This theme gives the student body a chance to understand how they can improve their carbon impact through smart energy choices.

There are so many great web pages available offering background information, interactive games, relevant videos and practical projects. Here are a few we found:

Tiki the Penguin provides an accessible energy guide for younger students with information on traditional and renewable energy.

Older students may want to check out Student Energy for a more in depth look at energy from source through use.  contains suggestions and instructions on practical projects pupils can engage with to discover solar power. It also has some good background information. has detailed background information for teachers, parents or older students. is a great long list of energy facts…that could help launch discussions is full of interactive games, videos and background information for pupils of all ages.

Please contact to tell us your ideas for how Eco-Schools in Australia can tackle the theme of “Energy”.

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