Produce an Eco-Code

The Eco-Code is a mission statement. It should demonstrate, in a clear and imaginative way, your school’s commitment to improving its environmental performance. It should be memorable and familiar to everyone in the school.

Guidelines from Foundation for Environmental Education:

The Eco-Code should list the main objectives of your Action Plan, covering real actions that students and staff intend to carry out. It is crucial that students play a key role in the development of the Eco-Code, as this will give them a greater sense of responsibility towards the values the Eco-Code represents.

The content of the Eco-Code should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to reflect the school’s eco aims and targets.

The format of the Eco-Code is entirely up to the school. It could be a list of statements, an acrostic, a song, a rap, a poem or video!. The format should be appropriate for the age/ability of the students concerned.

The Eco-Code should be prominently displayed throughout the school; i.e. in every classroom, in communal areas, on Eco Boards and in the staffroom. The Eco-Code could also be released to the local press and the general public.