Case Studies

Here you can find case studies written by educators at Australian Eco-Schools and supporting organisations.

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This page is a resource to share the practical details involved with implementing the Eco-Schools program and delivering action projects that are integrated with the school curriculum.

Schools Case Studies:

Appin Public School (K-6)

Bargo Public School (K-6)

Elizabeth Macarthur High School (7-12)

Mawarra Public School (K-6)

Narellan Vale Public School (K-6)

The case studies cover:

Eco-Schools themes addressed

Project background and action taken

How students took leadership

Sources of funding and external support

Challenges & lessons learned

Results and impact

Educational resources used

Next steps

Supporting Organisation Case Studies

Camden Park Environmental Education Centre and the Macarthur Eco-Schools Pilot Project

Camden Park EEC undertook an Eco-Schools pilot project in 2013/14 and have generously shared their evaluation of this project in a PowerPoint presentation which you can view here.

Camden Park EEC Eco-Schools Pilot Evaluation

This presentation contains feedback from teachers on their experiences in adopting the Eco-Schools program. Camden Park have also evaluated the compatibility of the Eco-Schools program with the NSW Environmental Education Policy for schools, highlighting that Eco-Schools program is a good approach through which schools can put this policy into action.

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